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What We Offer

We offer more than your typical Before/After School Program. Check out what makes us different below:

Image by Rick Mason

Lego Masters

We are thrilled to launch our Lego Masters Competition in this upcoming School Year. All Before/After School Program locations will have the opportunity to participate in a Lego building competition modeled after the TV show! With a focus on teamwork, fun and creativity-we hope to bring everyone together in a super fun way.

Woman Tutoring Child


IXL is personalized learning. With a comprehensive K-12 curriculum, individualized guidance, and real-time analytics, IXL meets the unique needs of each learner.

IXL works by offering skills that students practice, one at a time, earning them points and ribbons when they get questions correct. Once 100 points are collected for a certain skill, they are awarded a stamp in their virtual book. Once multiple skills are mastered, they can earn virtual prizes.

Kids Running

Mileage Club

Healthy Kids is a proud user of the Mileage Club Program to get children excited about staying active! This program allows children to earn tokens as they accumulate miles walked/jogged/ran ect.

They easily keep track of these miles on their QR Scan Cards and an APP on our tablets! 

Image by Catherine Hammond

Drop Everything
And Read

We have a challenge for our children as they finish their homework! We ask them to drop what they are doing and read. The length is up to them but when the program works together as a team they see how many minutes they can achieve!

Art Fun

Themed Arts & Crafts

Different Seasonal themes to inspire creativity and learning. We don't just focus on traditional holidays, we explore much more like National Inventors Month and World Bee Day!



Mondays- Yoga

Tuesdays- Strength

Wednesdays- Nutrition

Thursdays- Stretches

Fridays- Dance Games

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